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18m diameter API620 Aromatics steel storage tanks

18m diameter API620 Aromatics steel storage tanks

18m diameter API620 Aromatics steel storage tanks

The density of the liquid API 620 large welded, low pressure storage tanks stored shall be its maximum density within the range of design temperatures, but no less than 36 lbf/ft3. The maximum allowable tensile stress shall be taken from Table 5-1 or Table Q-3. For the maximum allowable stresses for design loading combined with wind or earthquake loads, see API Standard 620 5.5.6 for carbon steel and Q.3.3.5 for stainless steel and aluminum.

Lateral braces between outer bay rafters must be provided if asymmetrical structural shapes are used for rafters and if the API620 Aromatics steel storage tanks API 650 tanks are located in areas subject to earthquakes. The bracing must be adequately sized for the seismic zone specified.

The bottom plate of the vertical API620 Aromatics steel storage tanks directly contacts with the foundation soil, which is suitable for the flexible foundation, and its settlement characteristics are quite different from that of the rigid foundation. For the settlement calculation of the foundation of a vertical API620 Aromatics steel storage tanks, the one-way compression layered sum method can be used. The calculation method is to divide the foundation soil into several layers of compression within the calculation depth of the foundation settlement, and then find the sum. The calculation method of the compression amount of each layer is the same as the calculation method of the compression amount under the condition of no lateral deformation.

The after-sale service of iron and steel products includes after-sale tracking service, technical guidance, transfer of relevant bills, handling of objections and many other contents. The handling of quality objections accounts for a large proportion. When dealing with these problems, we should distinguish the responsibilities, and compensate or return the inconvenience or loss caused to users due to steel.

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