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30 ft in diameter API650 oil tank qualified inspector

30 ft in diameter API650 oil tank qualified inspector

30 ft in diameter API650 oil tank qualified inspector

Proof Tests for Establishing Allowable Working PressuresBecause pressures in liquid storage tanks built according to these rules vary quite markedly from the tops to the bottoms of the tanks, proof testing of these tanks presents problems not usually encountered in the construction of unfired pressure vessels–especially where the 30 ft in diameter API650 oil tank parts under investigation are located near the bottoms of the tanks. The principal difficulty is devising a test or series of tests that will reliably establish the working pressure that can be permitted on the part of the unproven design without, at the same time, imposing hazardous conditions on other parts located at higher levels in the tank.

The outer layer of API 650 tank is glass fiber reinforced plastic layer with a thickness of more than 2.5mm, which 30 ft in diameter API650 oil tank has strong corrosion resistance and electric corrosion resistance. Special process technology is used between the two layers to make the gap reach 0.1 mm, so as to eliminate the existence of potential safety hazard from the root.

Integrity, cooperation and innovation, positive and competitive, healthy and abundant are the company's core values. The company 30 ft in diameter API650 oil tank always adhere to the "people-oriented", pay attention to improve the production skills and cultural quality of employees, by cultivating employees to carry forward excellent cultural traditions, set up the correct values, ethics and codes of conduct to improve employees' loyalty and work enthusiasm.

30 ft in diameter API650 oil tank construction must adhere to the design drawings, acceptance specifications and construction plans. If the design needs to be modified during 30 ft in diameter API650 oil tank construction, it must be approved by the original design unit or Party A’s representative and relevant personnel of the supervision unit, and written visa procedures must be completed in advance. The equipment and main materials used in the oil tank construction project must have certificates of conformity and quality assurance.

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