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40 in. in diameter storage tank greater than 200 ft in diameter

40 in. in diameter storage tank greater than 200 ft in diameter

40 in. in diameter storage tank greater than 200 ft in diameter

Oil tank accessories are an important component of metal oil tanks. Common accessories of 40 in. in diameter storage tank include manholes, light holes, oil measuring holes, breathing valves, safety valves, and fire extinguishers. The functions of these accessories are different. Some are to ensure the storage quality of various oil products, some are to ensure the normal operation of oil products receiving and dispatching, and some are to ensure the safety management of 40 in. in diameter storage tank, etc.

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Accept the inquiry from the owner of the goods and the inquiry by sea: master the port and price from the port of shipment to all continents and routes, and the port and price that the owner often needs to serve; the shipping schedule information of the main shipping companies; when necessary, ask the owner of the inquiry for some category information, such as the name of the goods, the level of danger, etc. (water hazard code).

Impact Test Requirements for Oil Storage Tanks Primary Components
All 40 in. in diameter storage tank primary components of 9% or 5% nickel steel shall be impact tested in accordance with Q.2.2.2 through Q.2.2.4. Impact testing is not required for primary components of austenitic stainless steel, nickel alloy, and aluminum materials. Welds in high-alloy (austenitic) stainless steel shall be impact tested if required by Q.6.3.
Impact testing of plates, including structural members made of plate, shall comply with the following:a)Impact test specimens shall be taken transverse to the direction of final plate rolling. b)Charpy V-notch specimens shall be cooled to a temperature of –320°F for A353, A553, and A645 steels for impact testing.

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