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API 620 oil storage tank material seismic use group iii

API 620 oil storage tank material seismic use group iii

API 620 oil storage tank material seismic use group iii

Due to irregular operation of API 620 oil storage tank material welding, there are many weld deformations during the construction process. Before specific operations, most construction units have formulated relatively complete construction plans and set up special welding process instructions, but the operators have not fully performed welding in accordance with various process guidance requirements and construction specifications, resulting in some quality problems of oil storage tanks. How can we reduce or even avoid this kind of situation?

Large net shell API 650 tanks or net shell of tank API 620 oil storage tank material is a tank top for the surface grid structure and the physical structure form of truss structures, thin shell structure is reasonable, mainly for the top using triangle net shell, socket type net shell or meridian reticulated shell technology for the design of API 620 oil storage tank material large-scale tank top, its great spanning capacity and uniform stress, good rigidity, less material, convenient assembly, safe and reliable.

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"Responsibility of API 620 Storage Tanks ExaminerThe inspector shall ensure that all materials used in tanks constructed according to the rules in this standard comply in all respects with the requirements of these rules. This shall be done either by witnessing mill tests or examining certified mill test reports supplied by the Manufacturer. Storage tanks API 620 oil storage tank material constructed according to the rules in this standard shall be inspected and tested in accordance with the sections that follow. The inspector shall carefully follow the fabrication and testing of each tank and shall make sure that they comply in all details with the design, fabrication, and tests specified in these rules.

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