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API oil storage tank standard 620 anchorage forces

API oil storage tank standard 620 anchorage forces

API oil storage tank standard 620 anchorage forces

Impact Tests for High Alloys
Impact tests are not required for the high-alloy (austenitic stainless steel) API oil storage tank standard 620 base materials, nickel alloy based materials, aluminum base materials, and weld deposited for the nonferrous (aluminum) materials. Impact tests are not required for austenitic stainless steel welds deposited by all the welding processes for services of –200°F and above. Austenitic stainless steel welds deposited for service below –200°F by all welding processes shall be impact tested in accordance with Q.6.2 except that the required impact values shall be 75% of the values as given in Q.2.2.2, Item c.

This specification, in conjunction with API 650 Standard, prescribes minimum standards for the API oil storage tank standard 620 design, supply, fabrication, erection, and testing of field erected welded steel storage tanks complete with accessories as specified herein and as shown on attached Datasheets and/or Drawings.

Our company's technical department is the core department of the whole company. There are a group of very professional technical personnel. They provide some architectural drawings according to the ideas of customers, and they are responsible for how to select the right materials. Including the evaluation of steel products such as multi steel plate, API oil storage tank standard 620 and steel pipe, grasp the whole production process, and strictly follow the production standards and customer quality requirements.

Land transportation inquiry: (RMB fee) it is required to master the kilometers and towing price of major cities; packing price of each port area; customs clearance fee, commodity inspection fee, and animal and plant inspection fee standard. Key information to be clarified after accepting the consignation of the consignor (generally fax): shipping date, number of packages, box type, box quantity, gross weight and volume.

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