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api standard 620 vs api 650 tank hose systems

api standard 620 vs api 650 tank hose systems

api standard 620 vs api 650 tank hose systems

The pressed-steel, round manhole with a 20-in. inside diameter shown in Figure F-8 is located in API 620 crude oil tank solid plate in spherical portion of a torispherical roof on a cylindrical storage tank 72 ft in diameter. The internal pressure, Pg, on the underside of the roof is 15 lbf/in.2 gauge. The thickness, t, of the roof plate required by 5.10.3 for the spherical portion of the roof is 1/2 in., which is exactly the thickness provided. No corrosion allowance is required. The materials in the oil tank roof plates and manhole frame conform to ASTM A283 Grade C steel; the main joints in the roof are double-welded butt joints, spot radiographed in accordance with 7.16 and 7.17.

The api standard 620 vs api 650 tank external floating roof tank of API 650 tank has many advantages, and its application range is more and more wide. It is a kind of storage tank with a bright future. The well-designed internal floating roof tank of API 650 tank is the best and least investment method to control evaporation loss of api standard 620 vs api 650 tank fixed roof tank.

When providing technical services on site, the after-sales personnel shall strictly abide by the safety rules and regulations of the construction site, consciously take safety protection measures (such as wearing safety helmet when entering the construction site), accept the supervision and management of the site; without permission on the construction site, they shall not dismantle, smear or damage any goods; the commissioning of contract goods shall be carried out under the supervision of the site supervisor If necessary, it shall be approved by the site supervisor or the person in charge of the project department.

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