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API Standard 650 storage tank price testing of the completed tank

API Standard 650 storage tank price testing of the completed tank

API Standard 650 storage tank price testing of the completed tank

Under the condition of static storage without receiving and sending operation, the temperature of gas space, evaporation rate, depth and pressure of vapor in the API Standard 650 storage tank price will change with the change of temperature and pressure in a day. The oil loss caused by the process of discharging oil vapor and inhaling air gas is called "small breathing" loss, which is also called static storage loss of oil tanks.

API 650 internal floating roof oil tank executive standard: domestic design standard: GB50341-2003 "Vertical cylindrical steel welded oil tank design code"; domestic construction standard: GB50128-2005 "vertical cylindrical steel welded oil tank" Construction and Acceptance Specification; API Standard 650 storage tank price Foreign design standard: API650-2007 "Standard for Welded Steel Petroleum Storage Tanks.

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Protection of Plates during Shipping and Storage
Plates shall be adequately protected during shipping and storage to avoid damage to API Standard 650 storage tank price material plate surfaces and edges from handling (scratches, gouge marks, etc.) and from environmental conditions (corrosion, pitting, etc.).
Plates shall be protected from moisture or stored in inclined position to prevent water from collecting and standing on surface.

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