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API620 steel weld oil storage tank ASTM A216 external floating roofs

API620 steel weld oil storage tank ASTM A216 external floating roofs

API620 steel weld oil storage tank ASTM A216 external floating roofs

Test plates shall be welded using the same qualified welding procedure and electrodes that are required for the tank shell plate joints. The API 620 steel storage tank test plates need not be welded as an extension of the tank shell joint but shall be welded in the required qualifying positions. One test weld shall be made on a set of plates from each specification and grade of API620 steel weld oil storage tank plate material, using a thickness that would qualify for all thicknesses in the shell. Each test welded of thickness t shall qualify for plate thicknesses from 2t down to t/2, but not less than 5/8 in. For plate thicknesses less than 5/8 in., a test weld shall be made for the thinnest shell plate to be welded; this test weld will qualify plate thicknesses from t up to 2t.

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Oil tank is often used to store crude oil, diesel oil, gasoline and other oil. The main structure of API620 steel weld oil storage tank is composed of tank top, tank wall, tank bottom and accessories. The API620 steel weld oil storage tank should be inspected after the completion of construction, and the detection methods of different structure positions are different. Tank wall inspection: for the newly built oil tank, water filling test shall be conducted to check whether the tank wall is tight, and the appearance inspection shall be conducted for the tank wall plate and weld. Tank wall thickness detection: the oil tank wall thickness is mainly detected by ultrasonic wave, with high efficiency.

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