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flat-bottom cylindrical tank top company in Nigeria

flat-bottom cylindrical tank top company in Nigeria

flat-bottom cylindrical tank top company in Nigeria

The refrigerated tank primary components shall also include those parts of a single-wall or an inner tank that are not in contact with the refrigerated liquid but are subject to the refrigerated temperature. Such flat-bottom cylindrical tank components include roof plates, roof manways and nozzles with their reinforcements, roof-supporting structural members, and shell stiffeners when the combined tensile and primary bending stresses in these components under design conditions are greater than 6000 lbf/in.2.

The company specializes in heavy plate cutting, carbon steel pplate processing, carbon plate welding processing and sales of wide and thick steel flat-bottom cylindrical tank plates. It has high-quality CNC steel plate cutting and processing equipment, a professional technical personnel team, and supporting logistics distribution and after-sales service system. BBN company provides customers with solutions at low prices, high quality, and fast response service.

High temperature heat transfer oil fin tube heating device for large flat-bottom cylindrical tank has the advantage of high heat transfer efficiency. The high-temperature heat-conducting oil finned tube heating device adopts high-efficiency outer finned tubes. The outer finned tube coils are immersed in a water bath. Compared with ordinary light tubes, the contact area between the evaporation coils and the medium is increased. The total heat transfer coefficient of the coil is determined by the heat transfer coefficient outside the tube. This increases the heat flux per unit tube length and improves the overall heat transfer efficiency.

The flat-bottom cylindrical tank external floating roof tank of API 650 tank has many advantages, and its application range is more and more wide. It is a kind of storage tank with a bright future. The well-designed internal floating roof tank of API 650 tank is the best and least investment method to control evaporation loss of flat-bottom cylindrical tank fixed roof tank.

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