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GB 50128 steel tank deck plate

GB 50128 steel tank deck plate

GB 50128 steel tank deck plate

GB 50128 steel tank foam generator is a fire extinguishing device fixed on the oil tank. One end of the foam generator is connected to the foam pipeline, and one end is flanged on the top layer of the GB 50128 steel tank wall. Fire extinguishing foam flows through the air intake entrance of the fire foam chamber, inhaling a large amount of air to form foam, and breaking through the insulating glass into the tank (glass thickness is not greater than 2mm), so as to achieve the purpose of fire fighting.

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Inspection of Butt-welds in Piping
Butt-welds in piping and in GB 50128 steel tank pipe fittings within the limitations of 1.3.2 (including the annular space of double- wall tanks) shall be inspected in conformance with API 620 oil tank standard Q.7.7.2 through Q.7.7.6. Longitudinal welded joints in piping that contains liquid shall be completely radiographed except for manufactured pipe welded without filler metal, 12 in. or less in diameter, which is tested hydrostatically or by eddy current to ASTM requirements.

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