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vertical cylindrical steel oil tanks supports for stiffening rings

vertical cylindrical steel oil tanks supports for stiffening rings

vertical cylindrical steel oil tanks supports for stiffening rings

vertical cylindrical steel oil tanks Pressure-relieving DevicesTanks shall be protected by automatic pressure-relieving devices that will prevent the pressure at the top of the tank from rising more than 10% above the maximum positive gauge pressure except as provided in API 620 standard 9.2.2.Where an additional hazard can be created by the exposure of the tank to accidental fire or another unexpected source of heat external to the tank, supplemental pressure-relieving devices shall be installed. These devices shall be capable of preventing the pressure from rising more than 20% above the maximum positive gauge pressure. A single pressure-relieving valve may be used if it satisfies the requirements of this paragraph and 9.2.1.

For areas with high groundwater levels, the operator should take anchoring and anti-floating measures for buried horizontal vertical cylindrical steel oil tanks oil tanks; API 650 oil tanks can be used for heavy fuel oil, heaters are separately designed, and buried tank material outlets are installed with bottom valves and connections. consider.

The specifications used in the design of large oil tanks, vertical cylindrical steel oil tanks mainly include American Petroleum Institute Standard API 650, Japanese Industrial Standard JIS B8501, British Industrial Standard BS2654 and Chinese National Standard GB50341 from a global perspective. The formulas used in each specification are based on the hoop stress in the membrane theory. Each specification is based on the performance characteristics of materials and the construction technology level of their respective countries to determine the allowable stresses and weld coefficients. Therefore, the calculation results of tank wall thickness of vertical cylindrical steel oil tanks with the same volume are sometimes quite different according to different specifications.

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