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API 620 tank outside wall plate surface

API 620 tank outside wall plate surface

API 620 tank outside wall plate surface

Inspection of low-pressure storage tank Butt-welds
Complete penetration and complete fusion is required (to the degree mandated by the acceptance criteria for examination method utilized) for welds joining tank wall plates to what is API 620 tank wall plates. Examination for quality of welds shall be made using either the radiographic method specified in API 620 standard 7.15.1 and applied in 7.17, or alternatively, by agreement between the Purchaser and the Manufacturer, using the ultrasonic method specified in

In addition to the radiographic or ultrasonic examination, these welds of API 620 tank outside wall plate surface shall also be visually examined as specified in 7.15.5. Furthermore, the Purchaser’s inspector may visually inspect all butt-welds for cracks, arc strikes, excessive undercuts, surface porosity, incomplete fusion, and other defects.

According to API Standard 650, the stairs used for API 650 petroleum storage tanks or thermal insulation tanks should be double longitudinal beams supported by a minimum of ribs. If the gap between the what is API 620 tank tank shell and the stringer of the API 650 petroleum storage tank exceeds 200mm, handrails should be provided on both sides of the stairs. Unless otherwise specified, according to what is API 620 tank ASTM A123, the following accessories shall be hot-dip galvanized. The damaged zinc coating should be repaired with zinc alloy.

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