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10ft diameter API620 storage tank construction

10ft diameter API620 storage tank construction

10ft diameter API620 storage tank construction

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API620 storage tank construction foam generator is a fire extinguishing device fixed on the oil tank. One end of the foam generator is connected to the foam pipeline, and one end is flanged on the top layer of the API620 storage tank construction wall. Fire extinguishing foam flows through the air intake entrance of the fire foam chamber, inhaling a large amount of air to form foam, and breaking through the insulating glass into the tank (glass thickness is not greater than 2mm), so as to achieve the purpose of fire fighting.

Materials for API620 storage tank construction primary components shall comply with the requirements of Tables R-1 and R-2. All primary components shall be impact tested in accordance with R.2.1.2 through R.2.1.4. Impact testing of API 620 welded storage tanks plates, including structural members made of plate, shall comply with Table R-1. Impact test specimens shall be taken transverse to the direction of final plate rolling.

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