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40ft diameter API620 carbon steel storage tank

40ft diameter API620 carbon steel storage tank

40ft diameter API620 carbon steel storage tank

Surface Inspection of low-pressure storage tank Component PartsBefore assembly, unless already so certified by shop inspectors, all sidewall plates or sections and roof and bottom plates shall be inspected for thickness, freedom from injurious defects, and soundness of any welded joints.Check of Dimensions of API620 carbon steel storage tank Component PartsAll formed plates and curved sections shall be checked for conformance with the planned dimensions and cross section. For unusual repairs the inspector should keep a record of measurements taken at sufficient intervals to constitute a satisfactory record.Check of Chemical and Physical Property DataThe inspector shall check the material being assembled by the lists of the plates from the mill, their heat numbers, chemical analyses, and mechanical properties as given on mill reports and shall see that copies are available to be attached to the Manufacturer’s report.

Similarities between API 650 and API 620 tanks Both tanks are used for storage purposes. Both API 620 and API 650 containers API620 carbon steel storage tank can be made of carbon steel, austenitic stainless steel and nickel alloy (only for low temperature).

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