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5083 aluminum bar API 620 large water storage tanks

5083 aluminum bar API 620 large water storage tanks

5083 aluminum bar API 620 large water storage tanks

With the continuous development of large-scale oil storage tanks, the foundation of API 620 large water storage tanks has also continued to grow. Among them, API 620 large water storage tanks vertical oil tanks are storage tanks commonly used to store crude oil, diesel, gasoline and other oil materials. This type of storage tank is set up as a cylindrical shape. The bottom of the tank is a circular flat bottom plate, and the load surface of the oil tank is basically horizontal, which can generally be regarded as a uniform load, and has greater flexibility.

Application scope of API 650 petroleum storage tank:
1. API 620 large water storage tanks Working pressure: atmospheric storage tank;
2. API 650 petroleum storage tank working temperature: -30℃~150℃;
3. API 650 petroleum storage tank liquid medium: various oil products, including naphtha, gasoline, diesel, kerosene, crude oil, fuel oil, heavy oil, benzene, xylene, methanol, ethanol;
4. API 650 petroleum storage tank volume: current design considerations generally do not exceed 10,000 cubic meters.

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Bearing on Foundations
Foundations shall preferably be designed to resist the load exerted by the API Standard 620 tank and its contents when the tank is filled with water to the design liquid level. Foundations shall be designed at least for the maximum operating conditions including the wind load. During the API 620 large water storage tanks water test, the total load on the foundation shall not exceed 125% of the allowable loading. If necessary, the water level during the test may be reduced below the design liquid level line so as not to exceed the 25% maximum overload (see Q.8.1.2).

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