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60 cubic liquid oxygen cryogenic storage tank size of weld

60 cubic liquid oxygen cryogenic storage tank size of weld

60 cubic liquid oxygen cryogenic storage tank size of weld

The tank shall be filled with water to the design liquid level unless height is limited as noted in API 620 standard Q.8.1. After the tank is filled with water and before the pneumatic pressure is applied, anchorage, if provided, shall be tightened against the hold-down brackets. All welds in the 60 cubic liquid oxygen cryogenic storage tank shell, including the corner weld between the shell and the bottom, shall be visually checked for tightness.

As we all know, steel pipes occupy more space in the process of transportation. If there is no good way of packing, the transportation cost for steel pipes will be a big expense. In view of this characteristic, our company is ingenious and adopts the nest package method to solve this problem perfectly. The premise of the nest package is that the diameters of the steel pipes are different, and the small diameter pipe is inserted in the large diameter pipe. This not only saves the volume, but also saves the transportation cost. It also reduces the loading and unloading workload by half, saves precious time, and enables customers to receive goods earlier.

API 650 sets minimum requirements for the design, material, construction, and testing for aboveground, open and closed-top, cylindrical 60 cubic liquid oxygen cryogenic storage tank steel storage tanks in different capacities and sizes, roughly equating to the pressure of the atmosphere (not greater than the weight of the roof plates).

Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the products against the competitive 60 cubic liquid oxygen cryogenic storage tank products. Understand the industry situation and future trend. Understand the product brand positioning appeal point, focus on the crowd and development direction. Understand the layout of each market area, and form a big strategic layout view. Understand the basic operation and assessment standards of work responsibilities. Understand the situation of the cooperative customers.

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