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A285 Gr C plates API650 water steel storage tanks

A285 Gr C plates API650 water steel storage tanks

A285 Gr C plates API650 water steel storage tanks

Except as permitted by API standard 620 Q.8.6, the test shall be conducted after the entire tank is complete, before the insulation is applied. Except as limited by foundation or stress conditions, the test shall consist of filling the tank with water to the design liquid level and applying an overload air pressure of 1.25 times the pressure for which the vapor space is designed. The load on the supporting foundation shall preferably not exceed the established allowable bearing value for the tank site. Where a thorough evaluation of the foundation justifies a temporary increase, the established allowable bearing may be increased for the test condition, but the increase shall be not more than 25%.

According to API 650 tanks, anchoring devices should be designed to transfer overturning moments to the API650 water steel storage tanks tank foundation. At the same time, according to API 650 tank Appendix F, when the tank is to be anchored, the size of the anchoring parts is determined by the maximum lifting force caused by the internal pressure and wind load or the combination of internal pressure and seismic load.

As a leading international API650 water steel storage tanks steel supplier, we have two warehouses, close to Tianjin port and Shanghai port. This superior geographical location effectively saves the domestic transportation cost and greatly improves our service level. At the same time, it also shortens our delivery time and provides more convenience for customers.

In order to prevent the deformation of the bottom of metal vertical API650 water steel storage tanks during welding, comprehensive control measures such as strict control of assembly geometry size, reasonable welding procedure, process control of welding deformation and rigid fixation are adopted during assembly welding. The specific methods are as follows:
1. Strictly control welding groove forming of API650 water steel storage tanks.
2. Strictly control the size of tank welding seam assembly.
3. Define the welding sequence of tank bottom plate.
4. Reasonable distribution of welders.

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