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A334 grade 1 pipe API620 conical-roof tank

A334 grade 1 pipe API620 conical-roof tank

A334 grade 1 pipe API620 conical-roof tank

Structural shapes of 9% and 5% nickel steel may be furnished to the chemical and physical requirements of ASTM A353, A553, or A645. Physical tests shall be in accordance with the requirements of ASTM A6.
API620 conical-roof tank used Piping, Tubing, and Forgings
Material used for piping, tubing, and forgings shall be compatible in welding strength, and thermal expansion coefficient with the tank shell material. In addition to the specific requirements of this appendix, all piping within the limitations of 1.3.2 shall fulfill the minimum requirements of ASME B31.3.

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Under the same sealing effect, the internal API620 conical-roof tank floating roof API 650 tank can further reduce the evaporation loss compared with the external floating roof API 650 tank. This is due to the shielding of the fixed roof and the gas phase layer between the fixed roof and the inner floating plate, which has more significant heat insulation effect than the double disc floating roof of the API620 conical-roof tank external floating roof tank.

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