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aluminum sheet 5086 API650 spherical tank sidewall plate material

aluminum sheet 5086 API650 spherical tank sidewall plate material

aluminum sheet 5086 API650 spherical tank sidewall plate material

Prefabrication requirements for API650 spherical tank sidewall plate material, large vertical storage tanks:
1. The machined surface of the edge of the steel plate should be smooth, and there should be no defects such as slag inclusion, delamination, cracks, etc., and the surface hardened layer produced by the flame cutting groove should be removed.
2. Dimension deviation after steel plate processing: the deviation of plate width is less than 1.5 mm, the deviation of plate length is less than 2 mm, and the difference between diagonals is less than 3 mm.

The application of API 650 is as stated by the American Petroleum Institute: The production and installation of our ground welded steel API650 spherical tank sidewall plate material storage tanks are generally used in industry; under normal circumstances, the storage tanks installed on the industrial site in the United States are in accordance with API 650, API 620 and API 12d Standards are established.

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Inspection of low-pressure storage tank Butt-weldsComplete penetration and complete fusion is required (to the degree mandated by the acceptance criteria for examination method utilized) for welds joining tank wall plates to API650 spherical tank sidewall plate material tank wall plates. Examination for quality of welds shall be made using either the radiographic method specified in API 620 standard 7.15.1 and applied in 7.17, or alternatively, by agreement between the Purchaser and the Manufacturer, using the ultrasonic method specified in In addition to the radiographic or ultrasonic examination, these welds shall also be visually examined as specified in 7.15.5. Furthermore, the Purchaser’s inspector may visually inspect all butt-welds for cracks, arc strikes, excessive undercuts, surface porosity, incomplete fusion, and other defects.

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