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API 620 acid storage tanks threaded connections

API 620 acid storage tanks threaded connections

API 620 acid storage tanks threaded connections

Corrosion of the API 620 acid storage tanks body caused by external conditions such as high temperature, rain, humidity, or inadequate anti-corrosion measures of the oil storage tank itself, the water-bearing deposits in the oil storage tank caused corrosion and perforation of the inner surface of the oil storage tank bottom plate. Defects fatigue cracks caused by stress, with the accumulation of time, the compressive strength of the API 620 acid storage tanks body decreases and corrosion cracks occur.

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The materials used in the construction of Appendix Q oil tanks may be subject to severe pitting, cracking, or rusting if they are exposed to contaminated test water for extended periods of time. The Purchaser shall specify a minimum quality of test water that conforms to Q.8.3.2 through Q.8.3.8. After the water test is completed, the tank API 620 acid storage tanks shall be promptly drained, cleaned, and dried.

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