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API 620 crude oil tank price for small internal pressures

API 620 crude oil tank price for small internal pressures

API 620 crude oil tank price for small internal pressures

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Ultrasonic testing can find the internal defects of API 620 crude oil tank price welding joint, this detection method is very accurate for the internal layer defects of oil tank, but ultrasonic detection is not suitable for the detection of thin-walled storage tank materials. Dye penetrant testing is only suitable for detecting the defects of the surface opening of API 620 crude oil tank price and so on metal oil tanks. The feature of this method is convenient and fast.

In this project, an elemental area of API 620 oil storage tank wall is constructed of ASTM A516 Grade 55 steel plate subjected to a meridional unit force, T1, of 2620 lbf/in. tension and a latitudinal unit force, T2, of 2880 lbf/in. compression. The meridional radius of curvature, R1, is 132 in., and the length of the normal from the surface to the axis of revolution, R2, is 409 in. The joints in the wall are spot-radiographed, double-welded butt joints, and no corrosion allowance is required.
The problem in this example is to graphically find the minimum thickness of tank wall required for the given conditions (see API 620 tank standard
Solution: As determined from Table 5-1, the maximum, allowable tensile stress value, Sts, for ASTM A516 Grade 55 steel plate in simple tension is 16,500 lbf/in.2. Since the compressive stress is latitudinal, the governing value of R for this situation is R1, or 132 in.

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