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API 620 vertical steel storage tank carbon steel anchor straps

API 620 vertical steel storage tank carbon steel anchor straps

API 620 vertical steel storage tank carbon steel anchor straps

Any joints between the adjacent sections of API 620 oil storage tank stiffening rings, as shown in Figure Q-1, shall be made so that the required moment of inertia of the combined ring-shell section is provided. Weld joints between adjacent sections shall be made with full-thickness and full-penetration butt-welds. Stiffening-ring butt-welds may employ metal backing strips. Backing strips and the associated welding shall be made in a manner that provides a smooth contour in the rat hole and all other weld joint ends. All weld passes shall be started at the rat hole and other weld joint ends and shall be completed by moving away from these ends. Passes shall be overlapped away from edges to provide a smooth continuous weld.

API 650 petroleum storage tank basic knowledge, storage tank concept and use: API 620 vertical steel storage tank storage equipment for storing crude oil, gasoline, kerosene, petroleum and various non-volatile chemicals, API 650 petroleum storage tank is a storage and transportation system facility, oil refining, chemical industry An important part of the device.

The elastic filling and sealing of floating roof API 620 vertical steel storage tank is to fill the elastic and changeable objects in the sealed envelope, and the sealing purpose depends on the compression deformation of the filler. This kind of sealing effect is good, the requirement of the geometry of tank wall is not too high, and the adaptability is strong. However, the elastic filling and sealing has poor wear resistance and is easy to deform and damage in long-term use.

Group consciousness is an important psychological factor for the formation of enterprise internal cohesion. The formation of API 620 vertical steel storage tank enterprise group consciousness makes every employee of the enterprise regard their work and behavior as an integral part of the realization of enterprise goals, make them feel proud of themselves as a member of the enterprise, have a sense of honor for the achievements of the enterprise, and thus regard the API 620 vertical steel storage tank enterprise as the community and belonging of their own interests.

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