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API 620 welded steel storage oil tank nominal thickness

API 620 welded steel storage oil tank nominal thickness

API 620 welded steel storage oil tank nominal thickness

The design metal temperature of API 620 welded steel storage oil tank each component exposed to the liquid or vapor being stored shall be the lower of the following:
a)The minimum temperature to which the tank contents will be refrigerated, including the effect of subcooling at reduced pressure.
b)The minimum metal temperature anticipated when the atmospheric temperature is below the refrigerated temperature (see 4.2.1). The effectiveness of the insulation in keeping the metal temperature above the expected minimum atmospheric temperature shall be considered.

API 650 sets minimum requirements for the design, material, construction, and testing for aboveground, open and closed-top, cylindrical API 620 welded steel storage oil tank steel storage tanks in different capacities and sizes, roughly equating to the pressure of the atmosphere (not greater than the weight of the roof plates).

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X-ray inspection is mainly applicable to the internal inspection of pressure bearing parts and materials of metal oil tanks such as API 620 welded steel storage oil tank. It can clearly find the blocky defects inside the welded joints. However, the cost and resource consumption of radiographic testing are large. Magnetic particle testing can effectively detect the surface and near surface defects of API 620 welded steel storage oil tank etc. metal oil tanks, but magnetic particle testing can not effectively identify the internal defects of oil tanks.

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