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API oilfield steel storage tanks concrete ringwall

API oilfield steel storage tanks concrete ringwall

API oilfield steel storage tanks concrete ringwall

The insert plate weld shall not cross any shell seams and shall be at least the greater of 10 times the shell thickness or 12 in. from any other weld in the API oilfield steel storage tanks shell including shell seams, shell-to-bottom weld or attachment welds. The butt weld around the periphery of the plate shall be examined over 100% of its length by both liquid penetrant method and radiographic method. The liquid penetrant examination is required on the root pass, on the back-gouged surface, and on the inside and outside finished weld surfaces. Additionally, the weld shall be vacuum box leak tested.

The mode of iron and API oilfield steel storage tanks steel logistics transportation is mainly intercontinental ocean shipping and inland rail transportation. European ports have been very mature after years of development, such as Hamburg in Germany, Rotterdam in the Netherlands and Antwerp in Belgium. Relying on the huge market of the European Union, these ports are positioned in the logistics distribution function of cargo distribution and large import and export, and play a great role in the transportation of API oilfield steel storage tanks steel logistics.

API 650 internal floating roof oil tank executive standard: domestic design standard: GB50341-2003 "Vertical cylindrical steel welded oil tank design code"; domestic construction standard: GB50128-2005 "vertical cylindrical steel welded oil tank" Construction and Acceptance Specification; API oilfield steel storage tanks Foreign design standard: API650-2007 "Standard for Welded Steel Petroleum Storage Tanks.

Our company has its own steel plate manufacturing plant, processing plant and steel pipe plant. We can machine the steel according to the API oilfield steel storage tanks customer's requirements and meet the customer's requirements. If you want to ask any questions about steel products, please contact us directly. Our customer service staff will give you a detailed answer. If you want to purchase API oilfield steel storage tanks steel products, please tell me your specific needs, we have professional business personnel to communicate with you.

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