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API620 steel storage tank shapes tank shell

API620 steel storage tank shapes tank shell

API620 steel storage tank shapes tank shell

The API 650 is widely used for tanks designed to withstand low internal pressures, for the API620 steel storage tank shapes storage of typical products such as crude oil, petrol, chemicals and water. We have extensive experience when it comes to API 650 tanks, varying from tanks built in the factory up to +/- 500m3, to tanks built on-location up to +/-15,000 m3.

API620 steel storage tank shapes, Oil tanks can be divided into above ground storage tanks, underground storage tanks, offshore tanks and submarine tanks according to their installation positions. Oil tanks can be divided into crude oil tanks, fuel oil tanks, lubricating oil tanks, edible oil tanks, etc.. According to the use of oil tanks, oil tanks can be divided into production tanks, storage tanks, etc.. According to the external style, oil tanks can be divided into vertical tanks, horizontal tanks, etc.. According to the composition structure, oil tanks can be divided into fixed roof storage tank, floating roof tank, spherical tank, etc.

Preheat Treatment
Many laboratory tests have shown preheat treatment of carbon steel to 300°F-400°F to be the equivalent of the post-heat treatment at no less than 1100°F insofar as the physical properties of the weldment are concerned.40,41 Some tests have indicated a slight advantage of the post-heat treatment. Most of the tests have been made on plates 3/4 in. - 1 in. thick; results must be viewed with caution if preheating is applied appreciably beyond this thickness range. However, for all practical purposes, improvement resulting from preheating is sufficiently well established so that preheat should be considered for field fabrication of API 620 crude oil tank plates over 3/4-in. thick whenever toughness of the tank API620 steel storage tank shapes is highly desired and the thermal post-heat treatment is impractical.

Our company is a specialized technical support and after-sales service organization - customer service center. At the same time, we have provided excellent technical API620 steel storage tank shapes personnel and strong technical support for our company, and cultivated an excellent after-sales team for our company. Our company will appoint a full-time service manager to be responsible for the unified coordination of technical support and API620 steel storage tank shapes after-sales service of the project.

Our company's logistics breaks through the perspective that the center of transportation service is ability, and emphasizes that the purpose of transportation service is customer first. Customer demand determines the content and mode of transportation service, while production is often small batch, diversified and consumer demand tends to be diversified. In the case of personalization, our logistics service also provides personalized service projects.

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