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API620 tank pressure limit roof structure

API620 tank pressure limit roof structure

API620 tank pressure limit roof structure

API620 tank pressure limit basic components are those that contain the vaporized liquefied gas from the stored refrigerated liquid but primarily operate at atmospheric temperatures because of insulation system design and natural ambient heating. These components shall comply with the basic rules of this standard. Examples of such components are the outer wall and roofs of double-wall tanks and roof components above an internally insulated suspended deck. The API 620 tank materials requirements are based on the storage of refrigerated products at the design metal temperature.

The hot weather in summer brings great security challenges to the vertical oil storage tanks, API620 tank pressure limit standing outdoors. We must find some simple and effective methods to protect the API620 tank pressure limit in order to make them safely spend the summer. As a API620 tank pressure limit manufacturer, in order to reduce the direct sunlight rate of the vertical oil tank, reduce the temperature change of the oil tank, and reduce the evaporation loss of the oil tank, we usually adopt the measures of applying sunscreen paint and washing with warm water.

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When API 650 storage tank is designed, when the design pressure is small F2 kPa, the impact of air pressure on the API620 tank pressure limit tank wall thickness is not considered in the tank wall design.

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