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API620 welded oil storage tanks anchorage bottoms

API620 welded oil storage tanks anchorage bottoms

API620 welded oil storage tanks anchorage bottoms

The cone slope of the completed API620 welded oil storage tanks anchorage foundation is 15/1000 for the general foundation and less than 35/1000 for the soft foundation. After the foundation settlement of the storage tank is basically stable, the surface slope must be greater than eight thousandths. The edge of the tank bottom should be more than 0.3 meters higher than the surrounding ground. Above the ground, the tank bottom leakage detection tube should be drawn from the foundation sand cushion and cross the foundation ring wall or the slope protection surface. The circumferential distance should be less than 20 meters, and each API620 welded oil storage tanks anchorage should have at least 4 detection tubes.

The hardness of the welds contacting these environments, including the heat-affected zones, shall be considered. The weld metal and adjacent heat-affected zone often contain a zone of hardness that is well in excess of a value of 22 on the Rockwell C scale and could be expected to be more susceptible to cracking than would unwelded metal. Any hardness criteria shall be a matter of agreement between the Purchaser and the API620 welded oil storage tanks anchorage manufacturer and shall be based on an evaluation of the expected hydrogen sulfide concentration in the product, the possibility of moisture being present on the inside metal surface, and the strength and hardness characteristics of base metal and weld metal.

Compared with the fixed roof API 650 oil storage tank without API620 welded oil storage tanks anchorage floating roof, there is no evaporation space. In principle, this eliminates the so-called "large breathing loss". Evaporation not only causes the loss of product quantity, but also affects the quality of API620 welded oil storage tanks anchorage product and pollutes the environment.

The company focuses on two markets at home and abroad, and has a group of 56 experienced sales elites and professional and technical personnel. It can provide customers with drawing design, API620 welded oil storage tanks anchorage deep processing services and installation solutions. 20 years of project experience has provided high-quality carbon steel, alloy steel products and high-quality after-sales service to customers in many countries around the world. The company has won widespread praise from customers.

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