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Clinker steel silo external pressure limitations

Clinker steel silo external pressure limitations

Clinker steel silo external pressure limitations

The elastic filling and sealing of floating roof Clinker steel silo is to fill the elastic and changeable objects in the sealed envelope, and the sealing purpose depends on the compression deformation of the filler. This kind of sealing effect is good, the requirement of the geometry of tank wall is not too high, and the adaptability is strong. However, the elastic filling and sealing has poor wear resistance and is easy to deform and damage in long-term use.

The insert plate weld shall not cross any shell seams and shall be at least the greater of 10 times the shell thickness or 12 in. from any other weld in the Clinker steel silo shell including shell seams, shell-to-bottom weld or attachment welds. The butt weld around the periphery of the plate shall be examined over 100% of its length by both liquid penetrant method and radiographic method. The liquid penetrant examination is required on the root pass, on the back-gouged surface, and on the inside and outside finished weld surfaces. Additionally, the weld shall be vacuum box leak tested.

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