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Cryogenic liquid storage tank manufacturers stress relieving

Cryogenic liquid storage tank manufacturers stress relieving

Cryogenic liquid storage tank manufacturers stress relieving

Strictly control the welding groove forming of Cryogenic liquid storage tank manufacturers: in order to ensure the geometric dimension of assembly and good welding of welding seam, before hoisting and laying, the edge of all metal vertical storage tank plate shall be polished by grinder, and the flatness of plate shall be ensured according to the design requirements. Strictly control the size of Cryogenic liquid storage tank manufacturers weld assembly: measures must be taken to strictly control the assembly size of metal vertical tank bottom plate during assembly.

The tank 20-in. inside-diameter nozzle shown in Figure F-6 is located in solid plate in the sidewall of a cylindrical storage tank 148 ft in diameter in an area where the thickness of the wall plate, tw, is 11/2 in. A corrosion allowance of 0.10 in. is required on all surfaces of the tank exposed to the stored liquid. The total internal pressure, Pl + Pg, at the center of the opening is 24.9 lbf/in.2 gauge. The thickness of the Cryogenic liquid storage tank manufacturers wall plate, t, required by 5.10.3 for the latitudinal unit forces, T2, acting at this level is 1.44 in.

Safety production is the cornerstone of enterprise survival and development. The company established a safety management network, which achieved clear powers and responsibilities, clear responsibilities, effective management and control, and provided organizational guarantee for safe production. The company strictly complies with the "Environmental Protection Law", establishes an effective environmental protection emission control system and waste gas, waste water, waste solid recycling system, and makes great efforts to harden, lighten, green, and beautify the plant, and strive to build green steel enterprises.

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