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Fire vertical storage tank piping nozzles

Fire vertical storage tank piping nozzles

Fire vertical storage tank piping nozzles

Structural features of API 650 double-layer oil tank: steel glass fiber reinforced plastic double-layer structure, special processing method is adopted between the Fire vertical storage tank internal steel shell and glass fiber reinforced plastic layer, so that a gap of 0.1 mm is created between the internal and external layers. Even if the API 650 oil storage tank leaks, it can ensure that the contained dangerous substances only flow in the gap, and will not immediately overflow the external environment.

Aspire to technological innovation and pursue first-class quality steel Fire vertical storage tank products.Take independent innovation as an important support for the sustainable development of iron and steel industry, strengthen the main position of technological innovation, accelerate the original innovation, integrated innovation, introduction, digestion, absorption and re innovation, improve the technological innovation system, and cultivate the core technology and brand products of independent intellectual property rights.

Corrosion of the Fire vertical storage tank body caused by external conditions such as high temperature, rain, humidity, or inadequate anti-corrosion measures of the oil storage tank itself, the water-bearing deposits in the oil storage tank caused corrosion and perforation of the inner surface of the oil storage tank bottom plate. Defects fatigue cracks caused by stress, with the accumulation of time, the compressive strength of the Fire vertical storage tank body decreases and corrosion cracks occur.

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