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gasoline steel storage tanks bottom shell

gasoline steel storage tanks bottom shell

gasoline steel storage tanks bottom shell

Insulation Load
For API 620 tanks designed and constructed with an outer tank containing loose fill insulation in the annular space between the tanks, the insulation weight shall be divided equally to the inner and outer tank wall for seismic lateral loads unless a more rigorous analysis is performed to determine the distribution. The insulation within the annular space shall not be used to calculate resistance to overturning. Insulation on the gasoline steel storage tanks roof or suspended deck shall be applied to the tank supporting the load at the point or center of gravity of attachment and may be used to resist overturning.

API 650 storage tank stipulates that if the thickness of the lower wall panel obtained by calculating the anti-overturning moment is greater than the thickness of the gasoline steel storage tanks hydrostatic pressure test (both do not include the corrosion allowance).

The main contents of safety inspection for atmospheric storage tank, gasoline steel storage tanks are to see whether the tank foundation is sunk, whether the tank is corroded, whether there are cracks in the tank body and bottom, whether there is concave convex phenomenon on the top and wall of the tank, whether the accessories of the storage tank are in good condition, etc. After the gasoline steel storage tanks safety inspection and detection, the defects found in the tank should be handled according to the inspection rules in time to ensure the normal and safe use of the storage tank in the later stage.

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