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Hydrated lime silo primary-component butt-welds

Hydrated lime silo primary-component butt-welds

Hydrated lime silo primary-component butt-welds

We will return our customers with zealous service attitude, high quality products and favorable price. We have been accumulating, perfecting, developing and expanding constantly. We have huge Hydrated lime silo steel products stock. We have won the trust and support of our customers with high-quality service and excellent product quality. The company adheres to the development concept of honesty and win-win cooperation. We are willing to form an alliance with like-minded partners to work together for development and common progress.

The tank wall design of API 650 oil storage tank. Since there is no ventilation pipe directly connected with the outside on the top of the Hydrated lime silo tank, the ventilation between the inside and outside of API 650 oil storage tank is realized by the respiration valve. The constant pressure of the respiration valve is 0.3kPa, so the pressure on the top of the tank is 0.3kPa.

Preheating should be performed by heating and maintaining this heat in appreciable lengths of the joint to be welded, preferably using a strip burner with a mild flame rather than a harsh flame such as that from a cutting torch. Electrical strip heaters are available and have been found to be satisfactory. The preheat of 300°F should be checked with a temperature-sensitive crayon, or similarly accurate means, so that the steel 4 in. (or four times the Hydrated lime silo plate thickness, whichever is greater) on each side of the joint will be maintained at the minimum preheat temperature. Ring burners or heaters are recommended for nozzle and manway welds. At no time during the welding should the base metal fall below a temperature of 300°F.

Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the products against the competitive Hydrated lime silo products. Understand the industry situation and future trend. Understand the product brand positioning appeal point, focus on the crowd and development direction. Understand the layout of each market area, and form a big strategic layout view. Understand the basic operation and assessment standards of work responsibilities. Understand the situation of the cooperative customers.

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