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LNG gasification station extra-strong pipe

LNG gasification station extra-strong pipe

LNG gasification station extra-strong pipe

Deformation of the welding seam of the LNG gasification station is a common quality problem during the actual use of the LNG gasification station, which easily causes the tank body to leak and affects the safety of the oil storage tank. The welding seam deformation of the LNG gasification station is mainly caused by the lack of reserved welding seam gap and irregular operation. The oil storage tank has not reserved the corresponding weld gap, resulting in deeper root removal during the front welding activity. The heat output of the weld will increase under the influence of a long time, and the deformation of the weld will gradually become serious.

The vent pipe mouth should be 4m or more above the ground. The nominal diameter of the LNG gasification station API 650 petroleum storage tank vent pipe should be no less than 50mm and a flame arrestor should be installed.

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