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Sewage treatment tank low-pressure tank

Sewage treatment tank low-pressure tank

Sewage treatment tank low-pressure tank

Pressure vessel steel plates are mainly used for manufacturing pressure vessels and other similar equipment for gas separation and gas storage and transportation in petroleum and chemical industry. Generally, the working pressure of pressure vessel steel plates ranges from normal pressure to 320kg / cm2 or even 630kg / cm2, and the temperature ranges from - 20 °C to 450 °C. In addition to certain strength, good plasticity and toughness, pressure vessel steel plates must also have good cold bending and welding properties. Q245R, Q345R, 14Cr1MoR, 15CrMoR, Sewage treatment tank etc. are common pressure vessel steel grades.

Material for the outer tank Sewage treatment tank and for the roof that contains the vaporized liquefied gas but is primarily subjected to atmospheric temperatures may conform to one of the following:
a)Table 4-1 for design metal temperatures down to –35°F (lowest 1-day mean ambient temperature of–35°F) without impact test unless they are required by Table 4-1 or by the Purchaser.
b)Table R-3 for design metal temperatures down to –60°F without impact tests unless they are required by Table R-4 or by the Purchaser.

API 650 internal floating roof tanks are generally called internal floating roof tanks, floating roof tanks, internal floating disk storage tanks, internal floating disk tanks, etc., specifically referring to API 650 storage tanks and oil tanks with aluminum, stainless steel, etc. The Sewage treatment tank inner floating roof of series material is an environmentally friendly and economical storage tank that prevents liquid from volatilizing.

We have a professional production team and high-quality production equipment, and we also have a great Sewage treatment tank advantage in price, with its own factory, large-scale production to reduce the price. Strictly control each production line to ensure the Sewage treatment tank production of high-quality steel plates, steel pipes and other products that meet customer requirements.

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