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size of low-pressure oil tank installation of foundations

size of low-pressure oil tank installation of foundations

size of low-pressure oil tank installation of foundations

The main contents of safety inspection for atmospheric storage tank, size of low-pressure oil tank are to see whether the tank foundation is sunk, whether the tank is corroded, whether there are cracks in the tank body and bottom, whether there is concave convex phenomenon on the top and wall of the tank, whether the accessories of the storage tank are in good condition, etc. After the size of low-pressure oil tank safety inspection and detection, the defects found in the tank should be handled according to the inspection rules in time to ensure the normal and safe use of the storage tank in the later stage.

The outer FRP of API 650 oil tank will not produce electrolytic corrosion with groundwater and brine. The outer FRP will not corrode with gasoline, diesel oil and leaded gasoline size of low-pressure oil tank. The leakage detector can monitor the whole process 24 hours to eliminate the potential pollution. The leakage detection system is convenient for the inspection and maintenance of API 650 oil tank, and protects the original ecological environment of soil and groundwater.

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