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Steel silo deep bin material deep processing

Steel silo deep bin material deep processing

Steel silo deep bin material deep processing

steel silo deep bin, 15MnNiDR is a kind of steel plate for low temperature pressure vessel, which meets the specification of GB3531.
Delivery status of 15MnNiDR: 15MnNiDR shall be delivered by normalizing or normalizing + tempering, with low temperature impact of - 45℃.
Chemical composition analysis of 15MnNiDR: C: no more than 0.18, Si: 0.15-0.5, Mn: 1.2-1.6, P: no more than 0.02, S: no more than 0.008, Ni: 0.2-0.6, V: no more than 0.05.

Vertical Storage Tanks Security against Damage
The assemblies of relieving devices shall be secured against damage in service, the effects of storms, or mishandling. Access ladders and platforms that meet steel silo deep bin plant safety rules are suggested.
Vacuum-relieving Devices
A vacuum-relieving device, when used, shall be as direct in inflow as possible with no pockets where moisture can collect, and it shall have no piping except a weather hood ahead of the inlet. An adequate vacuum-air inlet shall also be provided.

Under the same sealing effect, the internal floating roof tank of API 650 oil storage tank can further reduce the evaporation loss compared with the steel silo deep bin external floating roof tank. This is due to the shielding of the fixed roof and the gas layer between the fixed roof and the internal floating plate, which has more significant heat insulation effect than the double disc floating roof of the steel silo deep bin external floating roof tank. =====
API 650 tank has the advantages of less load on the floating plate, simple and light structure, and can save the central drainage pipe and rotating floating ladder on the steel silo deep bin floating plate. The materials for easy construction and maintenance and sealing parts can avoid aging due to sunlight.

If you are in the search of best quality of steel silo deep bin structural steel plate then you have landed on the right place. These high quality structural steel plates are used for a long time as they have a long life due to their best and advance manufacturing techniques. These steel silo deep bin plates are best and ideal for temperature rise work, high pressure and tank fabrication work where accurate & excellent toughness is required for better results. Welcome to our factory. We supply our products to all the leading industries and customers who are satisfied with our production and quality.

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