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steel silo shallow bin slip-on flanges

steel silo shallow bin slip-on flanges

steel silo shallow bin slip-on flanges

As an experienced world class steel materials supplier and exporter, logistics and fast delivery is a crucial step to us. Our logistics department and shipping department take the responsiblity to allocate and transport steel materials from our mill and warehouse to customer port or designated destination. The cooperation of the two departemts are excellent and that powerfully support our fast delivery, and strive for shorter time for customers to receive steel materials.

The insert plate weld shall not cross any shell seams and shall be at least the greater of 10 times the shell thickness or 12 in. from any other weld in the steel silo shallow bin shell including shell seams, shell-to-bottom weld or attachment welds. The butt weld around the periphery of the plate shall be examined over 100% of its length by both liquid penetrant method and radiographic method. The liquid penetrant examination is required on the root pass, on the back-gouged surface, and on the inside and outside finished weld surfaces. Additionally, the weld shall be vacuum box leak tested.

steel silo shallow bin Breathing valve: The function of the oil tank breathing valve is to adjust the oil and gas pressure in the tank. When the pressure in the tank is too high, part of the excess oil and gas will be discharged through the breathing valve to reduce the pressure in the tank; when the pressure in the tank is too low, through breathing The valve sucks in air from the outside of the tank to increase the pressure in the tank and keep it constant with the atmospheric pressure. The breathing valve is usually installed at the top of the oil tank.

For each order, no matter its quantity and value, our quality control departemnt will make strict inspection before delivery, the inspection contents include apperance, tolerance, dimension, mark, special requirements of customers, etc. To guarantee our steel materials sent to the customer is qualified.

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