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steel silo supporting wall peening field welds

steel silo supporting wall peening field welds

steel silo supporting wall peening field welds

According to API 650 tanks, anchoring devices should be designed to transfer overturning moments to the steel silo supporting wall tank foundation. At the same time, according to API 650 tank Appendix F, when the tank is to be anchored, the size of the anchoring parts is determined by the maximum lifting force caused by the internal pressure and wind load or the combination of internal pressure and seismic load.

Firmly establish the "people-oriented, safe development" concept, strictly follow the safety production policy of "safety first, prevention first, comprehensive management", strengthen and improve the management and supervision of safety production in an all-round way, and strive to improve the controllability of safety management And effectiveness, cultivate safety culture, improve long-term safety production mechanism, and build a harmonious BEBON.

Due to the volatility of oil products, the volatile consumption of oil products is inevitable in the storage process of large oil storage tanks such as steel silo supporting wall. The volatilization of oil causes economic losses and pollution to the environment. Especially in the open air environment, large-scale oil storage tanks in the petrochemical industry will continue to accumulate energy when exposed to the sun, causing their surface and interior to heat up rapidly, causing sun overheating, and accelerating the volatilization of oil. How to effectively reduce the volatile consumption of large oil storage tanks?

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