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steel silo wall reinforcement of openings

steel silo wall reinforcement of openings

steel silo wall reinforcement of openings

Inspection of steel silo wall bottom: magnetic flux leakage scanning technology is used to detect the corrosion condition of steel silo wall bottom plate (such as corrosion depth and area, crack length, etc.). When there is a defect in the bottom plate of the steel silo wall, the magnetic field distribution will change and the sensor can detect it. The bottom of the oil tank should be free of foreign matters and dry during testing. Weld inspection of steel silo wall bottom plate: when vacuum leak test method is used to detect the tightness of oil tank bottom plate, soap water shall be applied to the weld and vacuum box shall be covered for observation.

All welded seams in the steel silo wall bottom, and complete penetration and complete fusion sidewall-to-bottom welds, shall be inspected by means of a vacuum box test as described in Q.8.2.1. Sidewall-to-bottom welds not having complete penetration and complete fusion shall be inspected by means of either a vacuum box test of the inside weld as described in API 620 specification Q.8.2.1, or where approved by the Purchaser, a direct pressure solution film test as described in Q.8.2.2.

API 650 petroleum storage tank has the advantage of long economic life: because there is no gas space on the liquid surface in the internal floating roof steel silo wall storage tank, the vibration generated during the transportation of liquid inside and outside the tank is reduced.

In December of 2015, our regular India customer sent us an inquiry for steel silo wall pipe. The inquiry requires no negative tolerance in both pipes’ outer diameter and pipe wall. After two weeks’ discussion, he put the order of 275 tons to us. The pipes are finished within just one month. Our customer come to our factory to inspect the quality and tolerance, all the products are well meet his demand. The pipes are arriving to Nhava Sheva port, customer is very happy with our products and service during the process.

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