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Store crude oil API650 tank depth of fusion

Store crude oil API650 tank depth of fusion

Store crude oil API650 tank depth of fusion

Heat-affected zone impact specimens shall be taken across the weld and as near the surface of the material as is practicable. The Store crude oil API650 tank material specimens shall be of sufficient length to locate the notch in the heat-affected zone after etching. The notch shall be cut approximately normal to the material surface to include as much heat-affected zone material as possible in the resulting fracture. Impact test specimens shall be cooled to the temperature stated in Q.22.

The trend of international shipping development of large-scale ships and strategic joint ventures puts forward higher requirements for modern ports. Modern ports no longer use the general cargo throughput as a measure sign, and container throughput will become the main sign to measure the role and status of modern ports. The average container capacity in 2000 is 3200teu, and it is expected to be 5500teu in 2020.

Continue to refine and improve the company's common core values.Corporate values are the evaluation criteria for the production and operation behavior, products, services provided, social reputation and credit of enterprises, the biggest Store crude oil API650 tank goal pursued by enterprises and the criteria for judging things accordingly, and the core of corporate culture. Companies in the extraction of common value note: simplicity; Unity of coordination; Store crude oil API650 tank Systemic; Respect for talents; Focus on giving back to society; Try to make a factual argument in order to gain wider acceptance.

Corrosion allowance, if specified, shall be added to calculated API 650 tanks shell and self-supporting roof thicknesses; to minimum nominal thicknesses of bottom and supported Store crude oil API650 tank roof plates; to nozzles and manholes; and to all exposed surfaces of internal structural members and non-removable internals.

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