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Typical sizes of API 620 cryogenic liquid storage tank

Typical sizes of API 620 cryogenic liquid storage tank

Typical sizes of API 620 cryogenic liquid storage tank

Data Required from Manufacturer on Completed TanksIf specified in the purchase order, the Manufacturer shall supply marked copies of plans (or a separate sketch) showing the location of all plates, with a means of identifying each plate with the heat numbers. These markings shall be checked by the inspector. A copy shall be attached to the Manufacturer’s report.Check of Stress-relieving OperationThe API 620 cryogenic liquid storage tank inspector shall check any thermal stress-relieving operation and shall be satisfied that the temperature readings are accurate and that the procedure conforms to the applicable requirements of these rules.

We guarantee to provide all technical data required by users within one hour to provide reasonable quotation; to provide API 620 cryogenic liquid storage tank reasonable quotation for products consulted by users within one hour; to provide investigation reception: we guarantee to receive the investigation of users at any time and provide various convenient conditions for users.

The outer layer of API 650 tank is glass fiber reinforced plastic layer with a thickness of more than 2.5mm, which API 620 cryogenic liquid storage tank has strong corrosion resistance and electric corrosion resistance. Special process technology is used between the two layers to make the gap reach 0.1 mm, so as to eliminate the existence of potential safety hazard from the root.

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