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welded steel tank for sale qualification of welders

welded steel tank for sale qualification of welders

welded steel tank for sale qualification of welders

During the use of welded steel tank for sale, the tank material is prone to crack and leakage under the action of pressure, corrosion, wear and other conditions. Especially in the oil producing area, the temperature difference in four seasons is large and the natural environment is bad, which will accelerate the consumption of oil storage tank and cause many potential safety hazards. Therefore, the welded steel tank for sale must undergo strict inspections before being put into use after the production and installation are completed, so as to avoid cracks and leakage in short-term use and affect production safety.

API 650 petroleum storage tank pipeline stress and product pressure, tank pressure, uniform or non-uniform temperature difference between the tank wall and the tank bottom, which cause the radial displacement and longitudinal rotation of the welded steel tank for sale tank wall at the opening to affect the oil tank wall The impact is obvious. Therefore, the design must ensure that the load applied by the external pipeline on the opening of the tank wall is within the safety limit. If the stress of the welded steel tank for sale connecting piping is not handled properly, the wall of the API 650 petroleum storage tank may deform or even rupture, causing a major accident.

Firmly establish the "people-oriented, safe development" concept, strictly follow the safety production policy of "safety first, prevention first, comprehensive management", strengthen and improve the management and supervision of safety production in an all-round way, and strive to improve the controllability of safety management And effectiveness, cultivate safety culture, improve long-term safety production mechanism, and build a harmonious BEBON.

The thickness of the welded steel tank for sale annular bottom plates shall be in accordance with Table Q-4 (for steel or aluminum, as applicable). The thicknesses shown are minimums. The ring of annual plates shall have a circular outside circumference, but it may have a regular polygonal shape inside the tank shell with the number of sides equal to the number of annular plates. These pieces shall be butt-welded in accordance with Q.7.1.1, Item b. The plates of the first shell course shall be attached to the annular bottom plates by a weld as required by API 620 oil tank 5.9.5 except when a full-penetration weld is used or required (see Q.7.1.1). Butt-welds in annular plates shall be not closer than 12 in. from any vertical weld.

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