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what is welded oil storage tanks grade

what is welded oil storage tanks grade

what is welded oil storage tanks grade

Requirements for prefabrication of bottom plate of large vertical what is welded oil storage tanks:
1. The diameter of tank bottom should be enlarged by 0.1% ~ 0.15% according to the design diameter.
2. The minimum dimension of edge plate along the radius direction of tank bottom shall not be less than 700mm.
3. The distance between any adjacent welds of the base plate shall not be less than 300 mm.

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API 620 Crude Oil Tank Non-pressure Parts
Welds for pads, lifting lugs, and other nonpressure parts, as well as temporary lugs for alignment and scaffolding attached to primary components, shall be made in full compliance with a welding procedure qualified in accordance with Q.6.1. Lugs attached for erection purposes shall be removed, and any significant projections of what is welded oil storage tanks weld metal shall be ground to a smooth contour. Plate that is gouged or torn in removing the lugs shall be repaired using a qualified procedure and then ground to a smooth contour. Where such repairs are made in primary components, the area shall be inspected by the liquid-penetrant method. A visual inspection is adequate for repairs in secondary components.

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