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40 in. in diameter storage tank leg sleeves

40 in. in diameter storage tank leg sleeves

40 in. in diameter storage tank leg sleeves

Strictly controlling the temperature in the 40 in. in diameter storage tank can effectively reduce the volatile consumption of oil in large oil storage tanks. Because the higher the temperature in the oil storage tank, the stronger the activity of oil molecules and the greater the volatilization consumption of the oil. Therefore, the temperature in the 40 in. in diameter storage tank must be reduced as much as possible. It is possible to reduce the direct sunlight temperature by painting white anticorrosive paint with good light reflectivity. It is also possible to use spray equipment to wash the top and wall of the 40 in. in diameter storage tank with water flow to reduce the volatilization consumption of the oil in the storage tank.

Hydrostatic Test
The 40 in. in diameter storage tank product shall be vented to the atmosphere when it is filled with or emptied of water. During water filling, the elevations of at least four equidistant points at the bottom of the tank shell and on top of the ringwall or slab shall be checked. Differential settlement, or uniform settlement of substantial magnitude, requires an immediate stop to water filling. Any further filling with water will depend on an evaluation of the measured settlement.

On November 1st, our company organized some of company staff to visit Zhengzhou Children Welfare Institute, and gave children cookies and toys, as well as concerns to the Children. With the development of the society, disabled children gets increasing concerns and help from all walks of life. Fortunately, Chinese Government gives high concern to the handicapped children and has built Children Welfare Institutes all over the country to guarantee their lives.

The company's logistics adopts the method of cooperation with logistics companies. As a third-party logistics company is engaged in the operation of multiple logistics projects, it can integrate various logistics resources, making the logistics operation cost relatively low and the logistics operations more efficient. Thus we can provide more professional logistics services, while also focusing on our core business of steel materials.

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