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5456 aluminum rod Store crude oil API650 tank

5456 aluminum rod Store crude oil API650 tank

5456 aluminum rod Store crude oil API650 tank

A refrigerated tank may be a single-wall insulated tank or a double-wall tank that consists of an inner tank for storing the refrigerated liquid and an outer tank that encloses an insulation space (which usually has a lower gas pressure) around the inner tank. A double-wall tank is a composite tank, and the outer tank is not required to contain the product of the inner tank. In a double-wall tank, differences in API Standard 620 tank materials, design, and testing exist between the inner and outer tanks.

Booking space and making power of attorney (ten copies of order); the data of the original order shall be correct and consistent to the greatest extent when making the order, so as to reduce the frequent changes in the subsequent process. For booking with the company's seal for booking space, if the accessories for booking space (such as the price confirmation document of the shipping company) need to be provided, they can only be booked with all of them. Obtain the shipping space allocation receipt and extract the ship name, voyage number and B / L number information.

Upon completion of Store crude oil API650 tank construction, provide Purchase with a Vendor's Certification that the tank conforms to the requirements of API 650 and to the additional requirements as specified.

Store crude oil API650 tank, Vertical oil storage tank is an important equipment for many enterprises to carry out production, which provides important support and help for the storage of many reagents. Vertical storage tank is generally used as atmospheric pressure vessel. Advantages: the filling rate of cylindrical structure is second to that of spherical tank, and the largest volume of the storage tank can be made into tens of thousands of cubic meters. The structure is simple and the construction requirements are relatively low.

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