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A516 grade 415 plates 45 ft in diameter water steel tank

A516 grade 415 plates 45 ft in diameter water steel tank

A516 grade 415 plates 45 ft in diameter water steel tank

Generally, external environment corrosion should be considered before design and construction of 45 ft in diameter water steel tank and so on storage tanks. The corrosion on the outer surface of storage tank is often worse than that on the inner surface. Especially in the chemical industry area, there are often acid fog, alkali or salt dust in the atmosphere. These impurities form an active corrosive medium with dew or steam and oxygen in the atmosphere. The corrosion of the external environment of the storage tank shortens the maintenance period of the storage tank, even causes the storage tank to be scrapped in advance, which affects the normal operation of the storage and transportation.

Impact Tests for High Alloys
Impact tests are not required for the high-alloy (austenitic stainless steel) 45 ft in diameter water steel tank base materials, nickel alloy based materials, aluminum base materials, and weld deposited for the nonferrous (aluminum) materials. Impact tests are not required for austenitic stainless steel welds deposited by all the welding processes for services of –200°F and above. Austenitic stainless steel welds deposited for service below –200°F by all welding processes shall be impact tested in accordance with Q.6.2 except that the required impact values shall be 75% of the values as given in Q.2.2.2, Item c.

BBN company is a modern enterprise integrating steel producing, warehousing and logistics, processing and distribution. We are committed to creating a "one-stop steel procurement service" platform. The main products are I-beam, angle steel, 45 ft in diameter water steel tank , H-beam, hot-rolled coil, welded pipe, spiral pipe seamless pipe and many other steel products. Standing stocks amount to more than 30,000 tons, and complete specifications, the company gradually moves towards large-scale distribution enterprises with serialized products, standardized services and modern transportation management.

Our company has established and constantly improved the customer service system and emergency response system. Through the customer service management system, we track the service of the after-sales service team and provide efficient and standard services in time. At the same time, the company formulates a regular return visit system, compares the historical cases of customer problems, proposes a pre solution, and ensures that the service is in place in a short time.

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