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A537 Cl 2 plates api 620 tank primary components

A537 Cl 2 plates api 620 tank primary components

A537 Cl 2 plates api 620 tank primary components

Oil tank is often used to store crude oil, diesel oil, gasoline and other oil. The main structure of api 620 tank primary components is composed of tank top, tank wall, tank bottom and accessories. The api 620 tank primary components should be inspected after the completion of construction, and the detection methods of different structure positions are different. Tank wall inspection: for the newly built oil tank, water filling test shall be conducted to check whether the tank wall is tight, and the appearance inspection shall be conducted for the tank wall plate and weld. Tank wall thickness detection: the oil tank wall thickness is mainly detected by ultrasonic wave, with high efficiency.

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Hydrostatic Test
The api 620 tank primary components product shall be vented to the atmosphere when it is filled with or emptied of water. During water filling, the elevations of at least four equidistant points at the bottom of the tank shell and on top of the ringwall or slab shall be checked. Differential settlement, or uniform settlement of substantial magnitude, requires an immediate stop to water filling. Any further filling with water will depend on an evaluation of the measured settlement.

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