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A633 Gr C plates API650 petroleum storage tanks

A633 Gr C plates API650 petroleum storage tanks

A633 Gr C plates API650 petroleum storage tanks

Suggested Practice Regarding Installation of Low-pressure Storage Tanks
Access: All openings and accessories for tanks API650 petroleum storage tanks constructed according to this standard shall be installed so that any periodic inspections required can be readily made.
Corrosion: When a tank bottom rests directly on the ground, a survey shall be made to establish the need for cathodic protection.
Drainage: All tanks in which water might accumulate under the hydrocarbon contents shall be provided with adequate drains that are suitably protected from freezing.

API 650 is used to store products such as crude oil, gasoline, chemicals, and produced water. BBN has extensive experience in API650 petroleum storage tanks API 650 tanks with diameters between 8'-300', which are suitable for refineries, terminals, pipeline facilities and other projects.

Booking space and making power of attorney (ten copies of order); the data of the original order shall be correct and consistent to the greatest extent when making the order, so as to reduce the frequent changes in the subsequent process. For booking with the company's seal for booking space, if the accessories for booking space (such as the price confirmation document of the shipping company) need to be provided, they can only be booked with all of them. Obtain the shipping space allocation receipt and extract the ship name, voyage number and B / L number information.

The main content of the inspection of the safety management of metal atmospheric API650 petroleum storage tanks is whether the filed data of the storage tanks are complete; whether the operators have received safety management training; whether the problems detected in the past have been resolved. The main inspection content of the tank body of the metal atmospheric pressure storage tank is whether the tank top, tank wall, and bottom plate of the storage tank are deformed, dented, seepage and perforation, etc.; whether the API650 petroleum storage tanks accessories are complete and whether there are any abnormalities; No sinking, tilting, etc.

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