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API 620 crude oil storage tank design corrosion allowances

API 620 crude oil storage tank design corrosion allowances

API 620 crude oil storage tank design corrosion allowances

Foundations and subgrade shall safely carry the weight of the tank API 620 crude oil storage tank design and its contents when the tank is filled with water to the highest level required for a hydrostatic test or other water-loading operations, even though the tank itself may be designed for some lesser density of liquid. However, in cases where the character of the soil justifies it and a competent soil expert advises it, allowance may be made for the relatively short duration and intermittent nature of the water loadings if suitable account is taken of all such loadings that may be expected to occur during the life of the tank, including not only those loadings that are incidental to periodic repetitions of the hydrostatic test in accordance with 7.18 but also water-filling operations for gas-freeing purposes.

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For API 650 tanks Projection from outside of tank shell to extreme face of flange - plus or minus 5 mm. API 620 crude oil storage tank design Elevation or radial location - plus or minus 6 mm. API 650 tanks Flange tilt in any plane, measured on the diameter across the gasket surface - plus or minus degree but not exceeding 5 mm. Flange bolt hole orientation - plus or minus 2 mm.

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