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api 620 crude oil storage tank standard pipe and tube

api 620 crude oil storage tank standard pipe and tube

api 620 crude oil storage tank standard pipe and tube

API 620 crude oil tank piping materials made according to ASTM A333 and A350 may be used at api 620 crude oil storage tank standard design metal temperatures no lower than the impact test temperature required by the ASTM specification for the applicable material grade without additional impact tests. For temperatures below those allowed by the ASTM specification, the following paragraph shall apply.

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API 650 petroleum storage tank pipeline stress and product pressure, tank pressure, uniform or non-uniform temperature difference between the tank wall and the tank bottom, which cause the radial displacement and longitudinal rotation of the api 620 crude oil storage tank standard tank wall at the opening to affect the oil tank wall The impact is obvious. Therefore, the design must ensure that the load applied by the external pipeline on the opening of the tank wall is within the safety limit. If the stress of the api 620 crude oil storage tank standard connecting piping is not handled properly, the wall of the API 650 petroleum storage tank may deform or even rupture, causing a major accident.

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